Who is stopping Samantha & Chaithu Marriage?

Who is stopping Samantha & Chaithu Marriage?

Who is stopping Samantha & Chaithu Marriage?

In Tollywood, Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s love affair become the hot topic in all the social media.

There are rumors like, Samantha & Chaithu parents agreed for their marriage and it will be held in December, Nag is preparing for their marriage arrangements in a grand manner etc., But it looks like there is another tension in taking their relationship to the next level.

Shocking! ??

Coming to the details… Before confirming the relationship, they will first compare boy and girls jataka chakras!! astrology is not required for love but for marriage, it is very much necessary !!

As per the buzz, we heard that Chaithu and Samantha’s jatakas are mismatching. After comparing the Jatakas, Astrologer found that they have Kuja Dosha!! So, if they get married to that Dosha, either they will get a divorce or they won’t have children.

So, It looks like Nag is in this tension. Generally, every dosha has several loopholes!! We have to wait and see whether they are finding any solution for the Dosha or not.

An official confirmation on this is yet to be revealed.

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