Tommy telugu movie review


Movie Rating:
Tommy movie review – Movie for animal lovers!!!

Tommy movie review – Movie for animal lovers!!!

Rating: 2.75/5


This movie revolves around the dog named Tommy. Satyam Master (played by Rajendra Prasad) is a professor. One day, he saw a dog in the railway station and takes it to his home. At first, Satyam’s wife (played by Seetha) does not accept to keep the dog in their home.

But later she agrees to her husband’s wish. Satyam and Seetha named the dog ‘Tommy’. And it became a key member of their family. Twist in the tale arises when Tommy happens to be the reason for the entire family’s upside down.

What problems does Tommy create to Satyam’s family? What happens to Tommy forms the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performance:

Actor Rajendra Prasad suited for his role and he did a marvelous job. The way the dog has been trained to perform in the film is superb. Seetha is okay in her role.

Plus Points:

Tommy is major plus point

Rajendra Prasad’s outstanding performance

Scenes between dog and Rajendra Prasad

Minus Points:

Second Half

Romantic song between Rajendra Prasad and Seetha

Weak screenplay in the second half


Camerawork is good and the visual shown in the film are good. Tommy has a good subject but failed to execute properly in the second half.


Tommy movie will impress the animal lovers… Especially children will like this film…

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