Size Zero Movie LIVE UPDATES

Size Zero Movie LIVE UPDATES

Size Zero Movie LIVE UPDATES

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11:25 AM

Size Zero movie done…Stay tuned to for complete review

11:15 AM

Interesting climax with the appearance of actors in special cameos .

11:12 AM

Movie is heading towards climax now…

10:58 AM

Some romantic scenes between Arya & Anushka are on now

10:54 AM

Anushka’s effort to reduce her weight is being showcased

10:47 AM

Anushka rocked the screen with her dancing skills

10:30 AM

Some emotional scenes are being showcased…. Anushka joins weight loss program …

10:25 AM

Comedian Ali enters on screen now

10: 10 AM

Interval now…

10:08 AM

An interesting tale is being revealed now..

10: 05 AM

Anushka loves Arya and now… its time for second song

9:55 AM

Second actress Sonal Chauhan enters on screen.. A Small twist in the tale

9:51 AM

Romantic scenes between Arya and Anushka are going on..

9:42 AM

Movie is going on and the audience are watching it seriously.. Gollapudi Maruti Rao makes entry..

9:32 AM

Actor Arya is introduced now… Scenes between Arya & Anushka are going on..

9:25 AM

Actors Brahmanadam and Prakash Raj enter on screen.. Time for title song ‘Size Zero’

9:20 AM

Anushka is introduced to the audience, who is looking forward to get married soon

9:12 AM

Anushka’s childhood scenes are being showcased now

9:05 AM

Anushka’s Size Zero movie has just started… its time for title cards

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