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Banner: Vishal Film Factory
Cast: Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Bharathi Raja
Music: Imman
Cinematographer: Maadi
Producer: Vishal
Direction: Suseemdran


Siva Kumar (Vishal) has a small mobile showroom for his survival. He is naturally coward. He happens to fall in love with Malathi ( Laxmi Menon). Siva Kumar brother tries to stop don Katam Ravi’s illegal mining in that particular area. Ravi kills him brutally. When Siva comes to know this, he wants to take revenge on Ravi. How he plans to kill villain is the remaining story of the film.


Vishal was seen so far as mass hero in Telugu and first time, he tried different character as timid guy and he has done justice to the character that he played. Laxmi Menon is cool and delivered natural performance. Barathiraja who played as father of Vishal is fine. Villian is okay.


Vishal who bashes up baddies in all his movies played an interesting role in Palnadu. First half of the film is very decent but when it heads to second half, it is taken to serious mood. Although story is so predictable and seen in number of films, presentation is good and grabs the attention of audiences. Scenes between Vishal and Laxmi are boring and do not offer any special to audiences and looks jaded.

Technical Aspects:

Imman’s music composing is mediocre but saving grace is BGM. Camera work is just fine and editing is not up to the mark and many flaws. Some of comedy sequences and dialogues are good in first half. Concept is routine and very simple plot. Director Suseenthiran work is top notch and especially in climax. Except climax, nothing it would offer to audiences.

Final Say:

One time watch

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