NTR’s Janatha Garage Story Leaked!!

NTR’s Janatha Garage Story Leaked!!

NTR’s Janatha Garage Story Leaked!!

All are awaiting for Janatha Garage film. It will be released on 12th August!! So, even before the movie is released, the audiences are imagining on what could be the story of this film !! How NTR is going to appear?

Here is the happy news for NTR fans!! From the reports, we heard a story! Here it is …..

From the sources, we heard that Mohanlal son is Unni Mukundan and NTR is his elder brother’s son!! Mohanlal is a mechanic who will be running Janatha Garage in Hyderabad. NTR is an IIT student. He falls in love with Nithya Menon. Mohanlal is away from his son Unni mukundan and showed affection towards NTR. The actual villain will be revealed at the end of the movie!!

NTR will be shocked when he came to know that, his brother Unni Mukundan creates problems to grab the power. Meanwhile, he found out that, his problem and Nithya Menon’s problem are same!! How he saved his lover’s life forms the rest of the story!!

To know whether this is the actual story, we have to wait till the movie is released.

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