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Cast: Naveen Chandra, Ritu Varma

Director: T. Satya

Producer: P. Vajrang

Music Director: Achu


Andala Rakshashi fame ‘Naveen Chandra’ was paired up with leading beauty Ritu Varma in ‘Naa Raakumarudu’ movie. Let’s check the movie content below.


The story initially starts with Naveen Chandra (Vyshnav) who was Top Industrialists son in Hyderabad, keen to fly America for his MS completion. Accidentally Vyshanv happens to meet Bindu (Ritu Varma). She succeeds in her Engineering by her mother Shobhana’s (Sitara) pushing. The closeness between lead pairs followed proposing each other.

Shobhana realizes that Bindu has fallen for Vyshav, and spoke with Vyshnav about her daughter’s problem. Vyshanv goes away from Bindu to make her succeed in life. Watch on screens to know about the rest of the story.


The pair gains an average appearance and need to work on their Melodrama. Sitara and Anchor Bhargavi’s performances are adding flavor to the movie. The sequences shot on Kondavalasa and Krishna Bhagavan’s combination didn’t reach the audience up to the mark.  Rest of the characters in the movie are unique in their roles.


The movie doesn’t reach the audience as college scenes appeared regular, alike rest of the movies in the first half followed by social message in the second half of the movie. The movie doesn’t require these comedy scenes. Second half of the film is repetitive and boring. Cinematography and music are the plus points, lack of narration and screenplay deficiency lead the movie unsuccessful.


Director T. Satya devoted his first half in expressing love and relation between the leads and could work better in narration and screenplay in the second half. Tapeswaram kaja is the highlight song of the movie and rest of the songs are generous. Editing in the second half should be taken care of. Overall the editing, direction and screenplay doesn’t convey message to the audience.

Final Say: Watch ‘Na Raakumarudu’ if you have enough time if not wait for the DVD.


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