Kick 2 Movie Review & Rating

Raviteja’s Kick 2 Movie Review & Rating – Raviteja gives double kick with his energetic performance !


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Kick 2 Movie Review & Rating

Kick 2 Movie Review & Rating – Raviteja gives double kick with his energetic performance!

Rating: 3/5


Raviteja plays the role of a doctor (Robin Hood) in this movie. He lives in America and decides to establish a hospital in US. So, he wanted to sell all his properties in India to establish a hospital. Unexpectedly, he was injured severely in an accident in India and situations demand him to take rest for few days in India.

In the mean time, he falls in love with actress Rakul Preet Singh and to impress her, he stays in Brahmanadam’s house as a paying guest.

On one day, someone kidnaps Rakul Preet Singh and they demand Raviteja to come to their village in order to take her. When he reaches her village, he came to know that Rakul Preet played this kidnap drama to make him to come to her village.

She explains the situations that happened in her village. Now, villain Solomon Singh Takur (Ravi Kishan) makes an entry. He treats the village people as slaves. To take revenge on Solomon Singh, Rakul Preet Singh asks Raviteja to kill him as Solomon killed her father.

But, Raviteja refuses to kill him as he came to India to sell his property and not to kill anyone. Will he kill Solomon Singh? What happens to their love story? Forms the rest of the story.

 Artistes Performance:

Raviteja is at his best as usual and he did a superb job. He is quite hilarious in his role and it is quite to watch during the comedy scenes. Actress Rakul Preet Singh is decent and she is apt choice for her role. All her scenes with Raviteja are interesting and have been executed well.

Raviteja looks good and all his scenes with Rakul have come out quite well. Comedians  and few other artists have done a decent job. Comedy king Brahmanandam is hilarious in all scenes.

Plus Points:

Raviteja’s energetic performance

Comedy scenes between Raviteja and Brahmanandam

Thaman’s background score

Cinematography is nice

Minus Points:

You cannot say it as a drawback but the story of the movie is quite routine. Songs are misplaced in the first half and they look a bit disturbing and could have been edited out. Some scenes between villagers and Raviteja were showed unnecessarily.


Second half of the movie has some decent comedy elements and has enough elements, which will be liked by masses. Dialogues have enough punches and the production values are pretty good. Music is decent and so is his background score. Coming to the director Surender Reddy, he has done a good job with the movie and he has experimented much. Cinematography is nice.


Raviteja gives double kick with his energetic performance !

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