Kabali Telugu Movie Review and Rating: Unforgettable Treat for Rajini Fans

Kabali Telugu Movie Review and Rating: Unforgettable Treat for Rajini Fans


Movie Rating:
Kabali Telugu Movie Review and Rating: Unforgettable Treat for Rajini Fans

Kabali Telugu Movie Review and Rating: Unforgettable Treat for Rajini Fans

Kabali Telugu Movie Review and Rating: 4/5

Kabali is Superstar Rajinikanth’s film, he appeared in a gangster avatar. It is an action and emotional entertainer. Fans are eagerly waiting for this movie for a long time. Here is the complete movie review of Kabali.

Director: Pa.Ranjith

Producer: Praveen and Chowdhary

Music Director: Santhosh Narayan

Here are casts of Kabali film…


Winston Chao

Radhika Apte


Dinesh Ravi



John Vijay


Rosyam Nor

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Kabali Telugu Movie Review:

Kabali Telugu Movie Story:

Superstar Rajinikanth is famous for his mannerisms and he has shown different styles in several movies. In Kabali movie, he appeared as a Malaysian don.

Kabali (Superstar Rajinikanth) is a Tamilian in Malaysia, who will be released after serving 25 years of jail term. He has to leave his pregnant wife Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte) alone. All the communication between him and his wife will be disconnected and he does not know whether she is alive or not. After coming out from jail, Kabali runs a school to change the youngsters, who became slaves to drugs and mafia. He went in search of his wife!!

Director showcased how he became Kabali. He turned Kabaliswaran to Kabali to save Tamils from the Britishers, who migrated from India to Malaysia!! After that, he will find his daughter, who is also a gangster, Then, they go to Thailand to meet a person who spilled their life. Will Kabali find his wife? What happened next? Forms the rest of the story.

Rajinikanth’s look itself is a highlight of the film.

Kabali Review – Artists Performance:

Superstar Rajinikanth who entertained the audience as Peda Rayudu, Muthu, Arunachalam, Baasha, Narasimha, Sivaji, Vasikar (Robo) has turned as Kabali (Malaysian don)!

The audience will be definitely delighted with Rajinikanth’s performance.

In each and every film, Rajinikanth’s unique style will entertain the audience. In Kabali too, his old get up is mind blowing. Superstar never appeared in this get up before. His dialogue delivery, the style became the major highlights of this film.

Radhika Apte who is essaying the role of Rajini’s wife looks apt and her performance really impressed the audience. Especially, the scene between Rajini and Radhika, after Rajini comes from Jail, is just unbelievable.

Dhansika is essaying the role of Rajini’s daughter but you will not know that she is his daughter until a twist happens on screen.

Dhinesh Ravi’s performance is good. Kishore, Kalaiyarasan, John Vijay also performed well.

Kabali Review – Plus Points:

Superstar’s performance



Background Score

Second Half

Kabali Review – Minus Points:

Art direction

minor hiccups there and there

Kabali Review – Analysis:

A Gangster’s movie in Malaysia backdrop..

All out best of Rajini films of recent times…

Amazing get up, Master performance by Rajni (after a long time)

No usual gimmicks of rajni , No dramatic punchline and No artificial mannerisms and has lived his age…

Story is not an imaginary or fantasy..It’s the real story of the Tamilians in Malaysia, without a bit of exaggeration….

It may look a bit alien to Indian audience..but that’s the real happenings in Malaysia…

In Malaysia there  exists many gangs named by numbers run by mostly Tamils and Chineese posing severe challenge for Malaysian law and order and its Police..

A neat film shot in minimum cost with no extravaganza , no Oscar technicians , no big co-artists , or visual graphics…

We can see again and again to see Rajini’s and the co artists intricate performance in this heroic but realistic film…

Good work by the director…

Pa.Ranjith has executed this film in a very well manner. He has shown Superstar in a new avatar. He is the captain of the ship, his screenplay is super.

As usual, Rajinikanth who famous for his dialogue modulation has appeared in a new look and performed well. He stole the show. Cinematography is excellent!! Santhosh Narayanan has given good numbers for this film and the background score is apt for Rajini style.

Dialogue is one of the highlights of this film. Many rumors were speculated about the climax that the climax may have a sad ending, But Thankfully there is no sad ending but the climax is emotional.

You have another surprise in Kabali movie. An actor made a cameo appearance in Kabali. To know who is the actor, you will have to watch the film on the screen.

Verdict: Must and watch commercial entertainer.

Watch: Kabali Movie Teaser

Written by : V

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