Inkokkadu Movie Review and Rating: Vikram Shines in the Love character...!

Inkokkadu Movie Review and Rating: Vikram Shines in the Love character…!


Movie Rating:
Inkokkadu Movie Review and Rating: Vikram Shines in the Love character...!

Inkokkadu Movie Review and Rating: Vikram Shines in the Love character…!

Inkokkadu Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Today the much-awaited science fiction thriller “Inkokkadu” was released grandly in both Telugu and Tamil languages. This action thriller has National Award winner Vikram, who will be seen in dual role. He appeared as protagonist and antagonist. Now the movie is in the theaters and lets See the Inkokkadu movie review.

Director: Anand Shankar

Producer: Shibu Thameens

Here are casts of film…



Nithya Menen ( Latest Images )




Thambi Ramaiah

Music Director: Harris Jayaraj

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Inkokkadu Movie Review:

Inkokkadu Movie Story:

The movie kick starts in Malaysia, where we see an attack on Indian Embassy. This attack is done by 70-year-old man. Later the investigation takes place, where the RAW agency identifies a tattoo of Love on the old man’s back.

On getting this as a clue, the head of agency understands that this work is done by none other than Love (Vikram), who is a criminal from Kashmir. He works in a chemical manufacturing agency. The head of the agency wanted to trace the location of the ex-agent Akhil (Vikram).

Akhil fought with Love four years ago and in that fight, Akhil lost his beloved wife Helena (Nayanatara). Akhil’s anger increased and he became ruthless in his work. After this, he will be suspended from his responsibility.

Now the RAW agency head wanted to bring Akhil back, as he is the only one who knows about Love and his works. Akhil will be appearing on the screen, where his action speaks more than the words. Now Akhil will be back to his profession and he will be joining with Ayushi (Nithya Menen) who will be leading the case.

On following the case, Akhil will be sharing his flashback with Ayushi. Here some love scenes will be shown between Akhilan and Helena. Now, how Akhil will take revenge against Love? forms the rest of the story.

To know the complete story of “Inkokkadu”, you need to visit the nearby silver screens.

Inkokkadu Review – Artists Performance:

Vikram: The actor shines in dual roles, he carries the entire movie on his shoulders. His performance was outstanding in the role of Love, where he impressed the audience with his amazing body language. His dialogue delivery is outstanding.

Nayanathara: The actress looks gorgeous and her chemistry with Vikram is amazing. She has given her best to this role.

Nithya Menen: For the first time, she is seen in the different role, she was perfect in her role and rocked with performance.

Inkokkadu Review – Plus Points:

Vikram’s Performance

Nayanatara looks gorgeous

Interval Twist



Inkokkadu Review – Minus Points:

Predictable story

Songs placement

Forced Comedy

Inkokkadu Review – Analysis:

“Inkokkadu” starts up with the gripping story and later, it slowed down a bit, but the interval bang bought back the pace of the movie. But the songs are misplaced which interrupted the flow of screenplay. Coming to the second half, it’s easily predictable.

The major highlight of the movie is music… Harris Jayaraj has given excellent background score for this science fiction thriller. The cinematography has made the movie rich and stylish. The editing department could have concentrated more.

Verdict: Watch the movie for Love character.

Watch Inkokkadu Movie Trailer:

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