Dora Movie Review and Rating


Movie Rating:
Dora Movie Review and Rating

Dora Movie Review and Rating

Dora Movie Review and Rating: 3/5

Director: Dharani Dharan

Producer: Jakkam Jawahar Babu

Music Director: Siddharth Vipin

Here are casts of Dora film…



Bindu Madhavi




Dora Movie Review:

Dora Movie Story:

Director Dharani Dharan has shown this film in interesting and unique manner. Sathyaraj and his son Sibraj acted in this film.

The story line has an interesting plot.

This film is made with the backdrop of 1940. There will be a village in Dharapuram, which it is haunted by two ghosts for almost 100 years. British and Indian ghosts fight with each other and used to frighten the villagers. Sathyaraj and Rajendran will be seen as ghosts. Sibraj who is the police officer will be transferred to that village and tries to solve the case. Karunakaran helps Sibraj for solving this case. How they encountered the ghosts? How will they solve the case and rescue the villagers? forms the rest of the story !

Dora Review – Artists Performance:

We all know that Sathyaraj has bagged huge name from Baahubali movie. His name and fame have increased after that movie. In Jackson Durai film, he acted as a head for Indian ghosts. As usual, he rocked the show with his performance.

Rajendran who generally appears in a supporting and comic roles is essaying the role of a Head for British Ghosts. The funny conversations and fight between Rajendran and Sathyaraj will surely entertain the audience.

Sibraj looks apt for this role. He wanted to reveal the mystery behind the haunted area!! So, he starts investigating it and funny scenes between Sibraj and Karunakaran will enthrall the audience.

Bindu Madhavi is the female lead. She looks good !! She did her role perfectly according to that role.

Dora Review – Plus Points:

Story and direction


Dora Review – Minus Points:

Songs are not that much impressive

Slow narration

Dora Review – Analysis:

Dharani Dharan has come up with different story!! The story plot itself is interesting, which is about the fight between Indian and British Ghosts. Sathyaraj and Rajendran acted very well. Sibraj, Karunakaran and Bindu Madhavi performance are also good.  Even though the songs did not attract that much, this film will surely entertain the audience.

Verdict:  Interesting suspense Humor thriller for this weekend.

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