Dollar ki Marovaipu movie review & rating!

Dollar Ki Maro Vaipu Telugu Movie Review & Rating !


Movie Rating
Dollar ki Marovaipu movie review & rating!

Dollar ki Marovaipu movie review & rating!

Rating: 1.75/5


Keshav (played by Nassar) works in a private company and he works hard for his son’s studies. Fortunately, his son Kalyan (Yashwant) gets a good job in US and settles in abroad. But, the problems arise when his son marries Satyabhama (mitra).

Some disputes arises in Kalyan’s family because of his wife. How he will face those problems? Will he able to solve their disputes? Will he support his wife or his family forms the rest of the story.

Artistes Performances:

As we all know about senior actor Nassar’s performance, there is no need to specially mention here about it.He is at his best as usual.Kaikala Satyanaryana’s cameo is a major attraction. Actor Shivaji Raja performed well and Yashwant did a good job. Remaining actors are at their best in their respective roles.

Plus Points:

The plot of this movie is the major plus

Senior actor’s presence

Minus points:

Dialogues are bad

Cinematography is below par

Editing is not up to the mark

Songs are misplaced and they broke the flow of the movie


Screenplay is bad. Director failed to showcase the movie in a good way. Music and background score is not nice. Production values are okay.


Dollar Ki Marovaipu can be ignored ….

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