Charmi’s Jyothi Lakshmi music review – Electrifying album!

Charmi’s Jyothi Lakshmi music review – Electrifying album!

Charmi’s Jyothi Lakshmi music review – Electrifying album!

Bubbly actress Charmi’s Jyothi Lakshmi audio was launched recently. The album is electrifying with its soulful background score. Let us check the music review of Charmi’s Jyothi Lakshmi.

1. Jyothi Lakshmi title song

The album opens with this rocking title song. The video song is nice and the dance moves of Charmi aptly suits for the song. The lyrics are beautiful and this track is going to be one of the best numbers of the album.

2. Ninu Chudanga

The second song ‘Ninu Chudanga’ is of carnatic type. Nice composition by Sunil Kashyap. This song gives us a folk feel. Since this movie is supposed to be based on sex-worker, this track aptly fits in the album. Listen to the song once and you will agree with me.

3. Chusindi Chalu

This song is a romantic number. The song describes the feelings of the actor and actress. The song is light-hearted, happy and different from the rest of the numbers.

4. Voodhu Vodhu

This song makes you listen for number of times. This track is all about her boyfriend and her feelings on him. In the middle of this song, the lead actor also explains his feelings on her. Nice vocals of singers made this song the best among all the songs.

5. Kanti pape

This song contains meaningful lyrics. Kanti Pape track is all about the women expressing her feelings about women.

6. Chetaki Gaajulu

The lyrics of this track motivate the women. This song will give you a nice feeling right from the beginning of the track.

7. Raja Raja

Raja Raja is a pub song. This fast beat song is easy and makes it quite unique from the traditional sounding numbers of the album.


Charmi’s Jyothi Lakshmi music album is impressive with soothing music and beautiful lyrics.

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