B.A Pass movie review & rating!


Movie Rating
B.A Pass movie review & rating!

B.A Pass movie review & rating!

Rating: 2/5


This movie deals with Mukesh (Shadab Kamal) , who pursues his studies by staying in his aunt’s home in Delhi. But, he faces many troubles from his aunt. One day, he meets married lady Sarika (played by Shilpa Shukla).

As time passes, Mukesh and Sarika became closer and he eventually enters into male prostitution business with the help of Sarika. Now, his life takes a turn when he enters into prostitution business.

Why did he enter into that business? Why did Sarika cheat him? How comes out of these problems forms the rest of the story.

Artistes performances:

Actress Shilpa Sukla looks sizzling and she looks apt for that role, Young actor Shadab Kamal delivered the best performance and he carried the whole film on his shoulders.

Plus Points:

The storyline of this movie is the major asset

Actors emotions and climax are nice

Minus points:

There are many bold scenes in this movie, which does not go well with Telugu audiences

Climax ends with a sad note

Dialogues are quite bold


Second half of the movie is very interesting when compared to first half. Camera work is nice and this movie is high on technical values. Screenplay is good and director Ajay Bahl managed to succeeded in showing his idea on screen.


This movie is for only Mass audiences..

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