Anushka is getting Married ?

Anushka is getting Married ?

Anushka is getting Married  ?

Anushka is getting Married ?

Tall Beauty Anushka is busy with her mega projects like Baahubali and Bhagmati. From the past few days, Anushka’s marriage news is becoming a hot topic on the social media. There are rumors that she is in an affair with a big producer.

She is close to a mega producer who is already married, but the latest buzz says that she is getting ready to marry that producer, as they already have a good relationship.

After knowing this, the entire film industry is shocked by wondering why Anushka prefers him who is already married. There is also a question in the industry on why the actress falls in love with who is already married !! Earlier, many Bollywood actresses followed this trend and now, Tollywood is going to continue this trend.

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