After Kick 2 results,no Kick 3 !

After Kick 2 results,no Kick 3 !

After Kick 2 results,no Kick 3 !

Surender Reddy was very enthusiastic about Kick 3, when he completed Kick-2. The fall out of Kick-2, pushes Kick-3 to back door. It’s been heard that, more than the result of Kick-2, it’s Surender Reddy who prompted this move. Raviteja openly blasted out Surender Reddy’s decisions. “I told him the film is too lengthy. But he would not listen”, Ravi Teja openly admitted in an interview. He went on saying that he is open for Kick-3, but it is said that Ravi Teja objected this. Ravi Teja earned two hits – Balupu and Power after six consecutive flops. Obviously he wanted to stay in a success troop but Surender Reddy spoiled it all.

 He looks visibly angry. Producer Kalyan Ram too faced heavy loss on Kick-2. It is also anticipated that no producer will be interested in Kick-3 now. So Kick franchise might come to an end with the part-2 itself.

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