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I Luv Cinema was launched on 7th of October in 2013. Exactly a year after, when we look back we wonder how we have come this far... entertaining and enthralling thousands and thousands of movie fans with our irresistible articles, fascinating photos and videos and many more. Knowing pretty well the pulse of the moviegoers, I Luv Cinema virtually captures the imagination of its visitors. How?

I Luv Cinema is an out and out entertainment site which takes millions of readers on an enchanting trip across the Indian Cinema. I Luv Cinema bring live the information on the latest happenings in Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood. In fact every news or gossip that's been making waves in Indian Cinema we bring it to you live with engaging content in a healthy way. We also bring you the stunning videos of what's happening across the Indian Cinema and not to forget the dazzling pictures of your favorite stars in action. No sleazy news! No Adult certified content! No acerbic overtones! Everything universally approved pepped up with some spice here and there - all in a healthy way. Indeed I Luv Cinema is one of the healthiest sites bringing you complete entertainment in a decent manner.

I Luv Cinema is a marvelous infotainment site catering to all sections and to all age-groups of people. The content, the pics and the videos, the news, the gossip-like news; the tiffs and petty rivalries, and scintillating jealousies amongst the actresses; the rivalries among ace directors; the sulking of the lesser celebs; the rollicking romance between the actors and their co-stars, the bonhomie, the warmth amongst the actors and actresses; the mad rush of movies at the box office to know their fate is what you get at I Luv Cinema.

Not to forget I Luv cinema also entertains millions of its visitors with movie previews and reviews with an unbiased analyses pepping up with spicy comments and ratings so that our visitors can get the correct pulse of the movie. We also provide music reviews, videos, trailers, flashback articles on celebrity actors, actresses, and directors and musicians, editors and screenwriters; remembrances of birthdays and anniversaries of who's who in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil cinema; event galleries, celebrities, rare photographs of iconic actors, actresses, directors, screenwriters, editors, music directors and of everyone connected with Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. The rare photographs include their childhood photos, wedding photos, family photos, and old unforgettable movie stills of yesteryears.

I Luv Cinema constantly updates you with movie launches and audio launches with pics, videos and content. Yes our content, our pics and videos perfectly complement each other.

I Luv Cinema have also hit the social media like a viral gaining popularity on a day-to-day basis on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Flickr, Pinterest and so on. In fact, I Luv Cinema is going blockbuster at the box-office of social media sites with ratings zooming on higher and higher.

I Luv Cinema is born to entertain you and enthrall you with scintillating news. Thousands and thousands of visitors are already catching up with the fever of I Luv Cinema. We want to give you more... much better news and views on the day-to-day happenings in Hindi Cinema, Telugu filmdom, and Tamil world of cinema. So get set. Login to I Luv Cinema and suggest ways and means to further improvise the site. Send your feedback on contact@iluvcinema.in