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Direction:  Vishnuvardhan
Producer: A. Raghuram
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Arya, Nayantara, Taapsee Pannu
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Editing: A. Sreekar Prasad

Ajith’s bullet-ridden tale of gang war film Arrambam directed by Vishnuvardhan is releasing today (October 31) with unprecedented number of theatres across the globe. Nayantara has played female lead alongside Ajith.  Arya and Tapsi are seen in prominent roles. Rana portrayed cameo role. After Billa the duo Ajith and Vishnuvardhan teamed up once again to create same magic at the box-office. Let’s check the content whether it can live up to the expectations of fans and general audiences.


Ashok Kumar ( Ajith) is patriot who is on mission to reveal the people who are involved in scam that is uproot to mafia. Nayantara supports Ashok Kumar in his mission to accomplish. As Ashok has to depend on tachie, he takes support of Arya who loves Taapsi, a journalist. When story heads into second half, main plot of the film revealed by flashback with many turns and twists. What is flashback and how Ashok accomplish must be watched on big screen.


Ajith looks deadly and intensity that he maintained for character till end card is splendid. His mannerisms and body language are ideal for the character in Arrambam. His fierce looks and action episodes are enjoyable. Nayantara is seductive and her performance is impressive. Rana’s role is significant. Arya is adequate. Taapsi looks slim, glamorous and good as lady journalist.

 Technical aspects:

Vishnuvardhan does evoke burning passion among viewers with gripping screenplay. Cinematography by Om Prakash is outstanding and the visuals are just superb. With grand locations and expensive surroundings, the sense of luxury is never missed out throughout film. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is fine. Although misfired editing is seen at some places, over all, it is fine. Production values are rich. Dialogues are okay.


Vishnuvardhan has taken apt script for Ajith and dished out a movie with a series of action scenes inspired by God-knows-how-many-gangster flicks. He utilised every character to contribute for yielding good output for movie. Ajith and Vishnuvardhan have proved once again. Although it is not a new concept, the way he presented is well on the big screen. Yuvan Shankar’s music is not so good compare to his earlier films but oaky. Arrambam can appeal to all sections of audiences.

Final Say:

Arrambam is enjoyable action flick for Diwali, especially Ajith’s fans love his stylish looks and his fights.

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