Thiranthidu Seese Review and Rating: Suspense Thriller

Movie Review
Thiranthidu Seese Review and Rating: Suspense Thriller

Thiranthidu Seese Review and Rating: Suspense Thriller

Director:  Nimesh Varshan

Producer: Sudhas Production

Music Director: Ganesh Ragavendra

Cast:  Dhanshika, Veeravan Stalin, Narayan, and Anjena Kirti

Story:The story of Thiranthidu Seese starts from a night pub. Paradesi fame Dhanshika goes to the pub for a Saturday night party. The two men Veeravan Stalin and Narayan gets attracted towards Dhanshika and tries to seduce her. By midnight the two men goes in search of Dhanshika. To their huge shock and surprise, they find Dhanshika lying on the floor in rest room, raped and in unconscious state. Dhanshika, on gaining conscious, unlike a normal woman, fights for her justice.

What happens in the rest room? Who committed the crime? Was it Veeravan Stalin, Narayan, or a third person? Will Dhanshika get justice? The story takes many twists and turns throughout the movie till the climax.

Artistes’ Performances: Being given the lead role, Paradesi fame Dhanshika has done her role perfectly. As a bold lady fighting for justice, Dhanshika has given an excellent performance. The two heroes Veeravan Stalin and Narayan have done their parts well.

Plus Points: Thiranthidu Seese is filled with suspense and thrilling moments. With too many pubs and night parties growing day to day in this modern era, the movie gives a warning on the consequences that women face with too much socializing. The story with a social message is a good plus for the movie.

Minus Points: Editing for the movie could have been done in a better way.

Analysis: Thiranthidu Seese is a good movie with a social message. Avoid night party socializing especially in night pubs.

Rating: 3/5

Written by: V

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