Athibar movie review & rating!

Movie Review :
Athibar movie review & rating!

Athibar movie review & rating!

Director: Surya Prakash
Producer: PB Saravanan, T Sivakumar
Music Director: Vikram Selva
Star Cast: Jeevan, Nandha, Richard, Vidhya Pradeep
Cinematography: Philip Vijayakumar

Rating: 2.5/5


Siva leaves to Canada at the age of three. He spends his childhood, young age in Canada and he comes back to India to start a construction business with a huge investment of two and half Crore.

In the mean time, he tastes the success, failure and met good and bad people in India. What happens next? Will he succeed in his business? Forms the rest of the story.

Artistes Performances:

Shiva and Ranjith steal the show with superb performance. Ranjith did a decent job and showcased good energy levels throughout the movie. His dialogue timing is good and he displayed good emotions throughout the movie. Though the female lead, Vidya’s role is limited, she did her job well. Remaining actors are okay in their roles.

Plus Points:

Emotional scenes are executed well

Actors delivered their best performance

There are lot of improvement in Jeevan’s performance.

Cinematography is nice

Minus Points:

The story of this movie can be easily predicted in many scenes. There is nothing new in the story line. Despite being touted as a commercial movie there is no elevation for actor’s performance. The second half is a big letdown as many unnecessary scenes extended the film completely. The climax scene could have been handled with care and there is nothing much interesting.


Director could have taken more care on the script. The predictable screenplay does not make things interesting either. Music and background score is average. Many unwanted scenes could have been trimmed. Cinematography is nice. Climax of this movie ended suddenly.


One time watcher…

Written by: N

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