‘Wedding Pullav’ trailer has grand launch??

‘Wedding Pullav’ trailer has grand launch??

‘Wedding Pullav’ trailer has grand launch??

Film makers has unveiled  ‘Wedding Pullav’ film trailer on August 17th, 2015. Interestingly this trailer was unveiled by Bollywood’s bubbly girl ‘Alia Bhatt’ for her child hood friend and film debutant Anushka Ranjan.

On speaking at this Alia says, “Main or Anushka or Kaanchi sath me hi badey hue hai and we used to play actors-actors together. I am very very excited, very proud, very emotional, very sentimental, very nervous and very very happy to present to you the wedding pullav with my dearest dearest friend and my elder sister Anushka Ranjan.”

Anushka Ranjan spoke as, “I would love to thank my parents, you know aapke bachpan me aapke mom dad kehte hai ki aapki saari khwahish puri karenge, aapko jo chahiye wo denge, I think my parents have really lived up to that thing.”

There were many Bollywood biggies attended to this event they were, David Dhawan, Mahesh Bhatt, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Nigam, Madhur Bhandarkar, Ramesh Sippy, Ramesh Taurani and many more.

Top film maker Mahesh Bhatt said that, “Anushka is a brave girl. You are here on centre stage, daring to be judged by millions of people out there, so 100% marks for daring. The results are not in our hands but I have seen this that more audacity you have the more chances you have to cover the great future. We will hold our breaths and see what that hour on Friday brings to us. But whatever may be the outcome we are committed to be in the arena to play on and on and on.”

On accepting to the statements of Bhatt veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha said that, “We all are family, friends here gathered to shower our blessings on Anushka and what all Mahesh Bhatt, the most intellectual person here, has said regarding this film I agree with him 100%. The daring steps taken by her will make the real producers Shashi and Anu Ranjan proud.”

David Dhavan says that, “First of all I want to say that Anushka you are superb, that’s your first film and you have made your father proud. Shashi is a friend of mine from last 35 years, we have studied together and I have seen him all through. And I am really proud of how he has done the film, it’s not easy to make a film today, in this time and this boy has done it.” He also said that, “He still looks like a boy.”

Satish Kaushik spoke her mind as, “This is a day for Anushka Ranjan, she is the center stage girl. She has a bright future, you have seen the trailer, and she looks good. I always used to tell Shashi whenever we used to go to his house that there is a talent hiding in your house, you know . Shashi and Anu themselves are in the mid of popular cinema and Anushka’s day is now coming. She has an Indian face, she is tall-good looking, she can look good in a sari and she can look good in any dress, and there are so many well-wishers of her who are actually giving her a lot of wishes.”

Just hit the below link and watch the trailer…

‘Wedding Pullav’ is directed by Binod Pradhan and it mainly stars Anushka Ranjan and Diganth Manchale in lead places. If everything goes as expected this film will hit screens on 16th October, 2015.

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